Never too late to start, correct?

September 3, 2007

Think I should start with an introduction.  I work as a Product Manager at Quest Software and focus on granular recovery of SharePoint objects. And it’s been almost half year since I first thought about starting my own blog. I first thought about it when my brother Dmitry (who happens to work at the same company but on the other floor) first said Hello World at his PowerBlog. There, he was complaining how he could not start blogging until his PowerGUI baby went public. This was because until then he was working only on the research projects:

…a couple of years ago when I was working on early prototypes of our SharePoint management products my employer probably didn’t want posts about that to appear in the blogosphere.

And I thought: Okay, but I am working on these products now, so I can post about them! But I didn’t.

Then it was right after Joel Oleson’s passionate call to Join the SharePoint Blogging Revolution when I almost wrote my first post, but… Hmm, probably something else caught my attention… Anyway, I didn’t write it then. But I want to say thank you to Joel for that post. It is still one of the main reasons why I finally start blogging.

Soon I moved from R&D to become Product Manager here at Quest. This new role keeps me quite busy, and this summer I’ve been traveling much more than usual: meeting customers, partners, and Quest staff in different countries. And the exciting part of this job is I can now see much more SharePoint environments and talk to lots of great people about how they manage them. And – of course – share this experience along with my thoughts in this blog! So, it is never too late, right?

As you might guess, I am very curious about different aspects of SharePoint management, especially backup and recovery. So far I think these will be the primary topics of this blog, but let’s just start and see how it goes.


One Response to “Never too late to start, correct?”

  1. dmitrysotnikov Says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere! Good to see you here. Looking forward to some good stuff about your SharePoint efforts.

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