Another backup and recovery vendor enters SharePoint space

September 26, 2007

Here’re the news on eWeek: EVault Adds Deduplication, Replication to InfoStage. What’s interesting, EVault also adds a new SharePoint plug-in in this latest release of InfoStage 6, adding to the list of 3rd party vendors that offer SharePoint backup and recovery. So, from the first glance, what looks interesting and what’s missing?

  • Data deduplication for SharePoint backups sounds very interesting, curious how this works. Assume I have 5 versions of a 10 MB Powerpoint deck in my doc lib, each new version adding just few bullets or a new slide. If EVault can really reduce backup size from 50 to 10meg+ incremental changes this is pretty cool!
  • Backup as a service also sounds like a viable option for some of the customers, but not sure whether this works without full SharePoint hosting as well. Will be interesting to see how this goes.
  • EVault provides granular item-level backup and restore of SharePoint data (including restore to a file system), which is great for occasional restores. I’m not sure this would scale for the full disaster recovery. Item-level restore of entire farm contents tends to be pretty slow, and EVault does not provide for SQL database backup. So do you still end up with two backups, SQL for disaster recovery and SharePoint for item level? Sounds like it’s the same two worlds mindset again…

Anyway, it’s interesting to see more options are there in the market, in addition to native tools, AvePoint, CommVault, and of course Quest. More options is always good for SharePoint users! (Disclosure here: I happen to work for that latter company in a team that is building the best product I know for granular SharePoint data restores.)


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