So, how much storage Recycle Bin needs after all?

September 27, 2007

Joel Oleson just posted quite interesting thoughts on Recycle Bin. In this post, he also according to MS IT stats Recycle Bin only adds 5-10% of storage overhead. This seemed really interesting to me: I would anticipate much larger number there. So, I traced the numbers back to the original MS IT statistics post from about a month ago:

Current Global SharePoint FootPrint
15.2 Terabytes Used by databases
152,236 Site Collections

2007 Recycle Bin Feature Usage

9850 Site Collections Using Recycle bin

845 GB of storage used for feature

Looks like the 5-10% estimation comes from comparing total SharePoint data to the space occupied by data in Recycle Bins. There is only one catch: Recycle Bin is only enabled for less than 10,000 site collections out of 152,000. Well, if Recycle Bin is only enabled for some 7% of total site collections, no wonder it does not take too much space! (And why Recycle Bin is disabled for the vast majority of SharePoint instances in MS IT is another interesting question…)

So, if it is not 5%, how much storage do you want to allocate for the Recycle Bin? This is actually an easy one: by default, the second stage Recycle Bin is limited to up to 50% of the site collection quota. And the first stage is within the quota, so it actually does not add any storage requirements. This means, if you just go with defaults, you simply need to allocate additional 50% on top of what you’re planning for all site collections. If that seems too much, be sure to change the second stage settings in the web application’s General Settings. Over time it will chew up as much as you let it, so it’s a good idea to limit this from day one.

Oh, and by the way… Joel, you mentioned couple Microsoft partners who offer something beyond simple recycle bin functionality. There’s actually more, and the list keeps growing! Check this out.

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2 Responses to “So, how much storage Recycle Bin needs after all?”

  1. Joel Says:

    I still think 5-10% is realistic. 50% allocation doesn’t equal 50% usage. It’s a maximum of 50%, but how many sites will really be deleting half of their total quota content in a month? Most people aren’t using their max quota they are closer to 10-35% on average anyway.

    Would love to see more numbers if anyone has any.

  2. […] However, Recycle Bin actually counts against the site collection quota – so be careful. Trying to back up entire site means you are doubling your site size. And then you get the error for the first time, and try to run backup again… Well, you see what what can happen here, especially if you don’t plan for enough storage for Recycle Bins. […]

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