SharePoint Backup and Restore: new tutorials and resources

November 1, 2007

Couple new resources became available recently for SharePoint 2007 backup and restore, here’re the links along with few thoughts.

MOSS data protection and recovery in small and medium size deployments

This whitepaper published by Microsoft last week starts with an overview of various recovery scenarios (content recovery, site recovery, and disaster recovery). It then discusses native tools available for each scenario and all the various data that has to be backed up. Finally, it gives you step-by-step for each recovery scenario. Lots of really useful info: my favorite is the 2-page long “Components and backup tools” table, great summary of everything you need to keep in mind when creating your SharePoint backup plan!

For some reason, content recovery is described as something that only end users and site administrators have to do. I cannot completely agree here: in almost every conversation with customers I heard about IT Operations having to step in and help users find occasionally deleted or corrupted documents. So while versioning and Recycle Bin really help to minimize number of such calls, if you’re managing SharePoint be ready to answer them from time to time.

Although the whitepaper’s title says MOSS, most of the information is relevant to WSS v3 as well.

SharePoint backup and disaster recovery tutorial from TechTarget

This tutorial is focused primarily on how to ensure you’re prepared to disaster recovery of your SharePoint environment. Among other useful info, it includes a sample disaster recovery operations document, and thorough info on how SharePoint 2007 backup and restore works.

In fact, this tutorial is an excerpt from a book called Essential SharePoint 2007 and written by Scott Jamison, Mauro Cardarelli, and Susan Hanley.

Again, while the topic is MOSS 2007, WSS v3 users will surely benefit from this tutorial.

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