3rd Party Backup and Restore at SharePoint Conference 2008

March 7, 2008

The SharePoint conference is over and I am about to leave Seattle and fly back home. It was great to spend these four days here. While the show was going on, I was looking around the expo hall for the 3rd party vendors who do anything related to SharePoint backup and recovery. Here are companies I spotted (in alphabetical order):

  • AvePoint, one of the well known SharePoint backup vendors, obviously was here. They were giving away quite cool toy motorbikes, and gathered a bunch of folks at their booth on the last day.
  • EMC was present mostly with their services offering for Windows and SharePoint. They had datasheets of their Backup Manager product for SharePoint at the booth, but no live demos. So I cannot really tell more about the product.
  • Neverfail is focusing more on high availability and disk-level replication for SharePoint databases or entire farms. They kinda also talk about disaster recovery, but be careful: if anything gets corrupt in a database, replication will bring the faulty database over to the other copy. So good old backup will always be a necessary addition to such a solution.
  • Quest Software was here with Recovery Manager for SharePoint as well as its other products for SharePoint management, migration and application development. This is the company I am with, so you can tell I love these products and amazing people who work on them. If you want to learn more, watch the recent SharePoint recovery best practices video: last 15 minutes or so include the Quest product overview.

I am disappointed other backup vendors like CommVault and Symantec did not show up here. I hope this does not mean they don’t take their own SharePoint backup/restore capability seriously. Or did I miss someone out there? Let me know and I’ll update this list!

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