New SharePoint Recovery White Paper

March 24, 2008

A new white paper on enterprise SharePoint recovery by Adam Woodruff has just become available on Quest Software web site. This is an overview of things to consider and tools available natively for SharePoint backup and recovery on a high level, primarily focused on WSS v3 and MOSS 2007. Main purpose of this paper is to help with the big picture, before you proceed to more detailed technical SharePoint backup and restore tutorials or videos.

Adam Woodruff is one of the smart people here at Quest. He’s a Solutions Architect for SharePoint team, which seems to mean “the guy who spends about 25 hours a day with customers helping to implement their SharePoint strategy.” He is also a speaker at technical events like the recent SharePoint Conference in Seattle, where he gave a session about consolidating enterprise knowledge into SharePoint. I’ve been trying to force Adam into blogging for a while now, and hope we’ll see some interesting SharePoint stuff from him soon!

Yours truly also contributed to this white paper (mostly in the chapter that maps various tools to different recovery scenarios). If you have any thoughts, corrections, or comments – please leave a comment to this post, I will really appreciate this!

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2 Responses to “New SharePoint Recovery White Paper”

  1. […] with this entry Adam started his blog finally – after I teased him in the recent post about our new SharePoint recovery white paper. Adding the link to my blogroll and hope to see more exciting stuff […]

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