SharePoint for all – new community site

February 25, 2009

Joel just anounced the new community site we’re starting here at Quest, SharePoint For All. We will try to use this site to share expertise, Quest product news, ideas, beta versions of new releases and even some research projects! Here you can also get first-hand answers from the product teams – our developers, product managers, consultants, – and of course your peers who may already be using the products.

All this is just getting started, and you can help us define what exactly SharePoint For All will become in the future. I encourage you to register and join the community now and get active on the forums.

The new community site also features the new Quest SharePoint Team blog. One of the recent posts there explains how Quest Recovery Manager for SharePoint fits into various different environments and allows to leverage existing backup infrastructure for granular data recovery. This is a follow up for Joel Oleson’s recent SharePoint backup and recovery webcast (see the recorded webcast here, and Q&A in a separate blog post).

So – watch the new team blog for the product news, and I will try to keep this blog for more generic SharePoint backup and recovery topics.

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