The only constant is change

September 19, 2014

It’s been very long time since I last posted anything on this blog. About a year ago I moved from Dell Software’s SharePoint solutions group to take over product management in a company called Netwrix. Here at Netwrix I spend less time with SharePoint, as we do change and access auditing for a number of different IT systems and applications, primarily within Microsoft ecosystem.

To be honest, it was unclear to me what to do with the blog. I am still quite interested in SharePoint governance and management topics, but it is no longer the main focus of my day to day work. So I finally decided to resume blogging, and here’re the first couple changes here.

I am going to use the alias as the main blog URL again. The old alias ( will redirect here, but is no longer describing the main point.

I also renamed the blog to be more consistent with its new (expected) contents :) Even the ancient Greeks knew that the only constant is change (thanks to Heraclitus of Ephesus for making this observation!) – and my interest now is how to give IT and executives visibility into these changes, and give enough info to understand them in context of overall systems security and compliance.

You can expect to see more random thoughts and observations on information governance, risk management, IT security, etc. In the meantime, I still have the warm feelings for SharePoint and the community around it, so you may see occasional notes specific to SharePoint as well. (And while we are at it – I am speaking at SharePoint Conference Ukraine next week, excited to be back in beautiful Kiev!)


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