The future is now – Netwrix security predictions for 2015

December 12, 2014

It’s curious how sometimes things you’ve just talked about start showing up on the news. Few weeks ago we had a discussion about trends in the IT security space with my colleagues here at Netwrix. We talked about number of things, how user habits and new technologies will require the IT security industry to come up with new and creative solutions in previously untouched spaces. Following that discussion Michael summarized and posted security predictions for 2015 on Netwrix blog.

As Niels Bohr said, “Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future.” Many of Michael’s predictions are about the trends we already see now, extending into the next year. Still if was exciting to see his blog post co-inside with some of the industry news that perfectly illustrate some of the points. Below are just two examples, and I am pretty sure we can expect more to come!

Here’s what Michael writes about cloud adoption:

The security of cloud technologies will continue to develop, focusing on the following three tendencies: improved data encryption; the ability to access audit trails for configuration management and the secure accessing of data; and the development of security brokers for cloud access, allowing for user access control as a security enforcement point between a user and a cloud service provider.

Well, what we see in the news seems to highlight exactly that. Amazon announced their new AWS key management service and enhanced visibility into configuration changes with AWS Config service at the re:Invent conference in November; then Dropbox launched new Dropbox for Business API last week; and couple days ago Box CEO Aaron Levie announced the new Box Trust security partnership to build up enterprise customers’s confidence in cloud solutions.

Another quote from Netwrix blog is about Internet of Things (IoT):

The IoT is likely to play a more significant role in business innovation in 2015 and beyond. The devices and systems that connect to it, meanwhile, require proper management, as well as security policies and provisions. The security ecosystem that has not yet formed around many of these devices will continue to develop.

Once again, the news that came out earlier this week is the perfect illustration of this growing trend: Belden to acquire Tripwire press release. Frankly, I did even hear about Belden before, but they are well-established in networking and operational technology. If you look at Belden’s investor summary presentation, the primary goal is to set the foot in the industrial side of the rising IoT space.

Interesting times. The IT security industry is evolving rapidly, and the future literally is now. Once again, you can read Netwrix predictions for IT security in 2015 here.


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